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Deal: Lot’s of deals on Vegan Cuts today!

April 4, 2013

vegan cutsI just wanted to share with you a few deals on Vegan Cuts today! All because I care of course. 🙂 So a few of them that catch my eye are the Vine Street Market Canvas Tote Bag and the Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipstick Line. I actually have a Vine Street bag that I won and I love it! If I didn’t win it, I would have bought one anyway because they are so cute – and big! Vegan Cuts has a great price on these right now ($29.00) so if you want an awesome big tote bag this is the one! Great for those trips to the farmer’s market! Plus, it ships free!

Also, I am glad I waited to buy the Lippy Girl Lipstick because Vegan Cuts has a great price on it as well. It’s normally $23 but it’s $15 on sale. It is super hard to find vegan, organic Lipstick so I am jumping all over this deal.

Anywho, that is my two-cents about a few of the deals on Vegan Cuts right now. There are also many other great deals listed, these are just a few. Let me know if you pick any of these goodies up! Happy shopping!

Check out the deals HERE!



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